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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek....

Star Trek is the movie of 2009.  It is a great character-driven adventure story, with drama, humor, great special effects, and some sex appeal to boot.  If you are a trekkie, so much the better. But if you are a casual sci-fi fan or haven't experienced Star Trek before-- Hell, if you have a pulse-- you will be blown away.

FACT:  Star Trek had me crying within the first ten minutes.
FACT:  Star Trek made me laugh more than the Simpsons Movie.
FACT:  Star Trek made me jump out of my seat and yell expletives (in a good way) at least thrice.
FACT:  Uhura is a stone-cold fox.
FACT:  If you are a trekkie there are a few "winks" that will either have you whispering "cool" or lol'ing.

OPINION:  Kirk, Spock, Uhura, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Pike were all perfectly cast.  These are all beloved characters (except poor Capt. Pike) and their new embodiments were pitch perfect. The new cast brought the soul of the original cast but added new twists and flavors. 
OPINION: Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu were all criminally under-utilized in the original series and most of the movies, but are much more featured to the movie's benefit.
OPINION:  Even if you have never heard of any of these characters before, you will not be overwhelmed by the large cast.  Think of the first X-MEN, with a cast of like 25 major characters where they all were introduced and developed without seeming thin or crowded (except for perhaps the paltry screen-time given to Storm...)
OPINION:  Star Trek will rock your socks.

But it was not perfect:

DOWNER:  I was under-whelmed by Eric Bana as Nero the villain.
DOWNER:  Star Trek maybe played a bit too space-opera and not enough sci-fi
DOWNER:  This movie leaves a Vulcan shaped hole in my heart-- the planet not the species

What are you doing, go see it


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Frankie Diane said...

Ok Im going to see it! All of your pluses sound like pluses to me and the downers don't sound like downers in my book. Thanks for posting!