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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why the Teabaggers are wrong....

While I count myself among those who believe that our government spends too much and often frivolously, I need to come out in opposition to the Teabaggers that have been dominating so many news cycles with their dross.  The Teabaggers are citizens of the freest and greatest nation on Earth.  Instead of patriotically embracing that nation and the ideals of that nation, they choose to frame their protest in the trappings of Revolution, with only the thinnest veil in their threats of violence.  

The patriots who were responsible for the Boston Tea Party did not enjoy the freedom that todays Teabaggers disdain.  The patriots of the Boston Tea Party did not have elected representation nor an effective recourse to petition their government.  Now, if the people of the District of Columbia-- the last bastion of tyranny in North America-- were to rise up against their oppressors from Texas and California and Utah and Vermont and the other 46 represented states and commonwealths then I would support the powdered wigs and the garb of the minuteman.  But to compare the Fox News watching troglodytes of the modern Teabagging to Sam Adams and Paul Revere is a farce.

Not in any form have I seen a call to an electoral recourse for the concerns of the Teabaggers. Not one voice calling for candidates to begin campaigns for office.  Nor is there even the traditional Republican campaign to impeach our new Democratic President.  In a nation of laws, the Teabaggers call for extra-legal solutions.

Yes, I want spending cut.  Yes, I was displeased when I finally  hit "send" on my tax return and saw how much of my money was siphoned away from me.  Yes, I hate that work is taxed more than mountains of accumulated wealth.  But there is not tyranny in the land (excepting 61.4 square miles).  It is insulting to the Patriots who risked their lives and property for the call of freedom for the Teabaggers to wrap themselves in their memory over what amounts to a squabble over the effective rate of taxation.  

So I say vote and protest and editorialize and march, but stop the drama queen demagoguery; it's downright un-American.

Taxation without Representation is Tyranny!  Taxation with Representation is Life.

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