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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stewart slams Cramer?!?!?!?

Please people.  I'm sick and tired of seeing bloggers with headlines like "Stewart slams Cramer!" or "Watch John Stewart totally own Jim Cramer!!!!!!!1."  Leave that sort of irresponsible hyperbolic mis-reporting to the "traditional" media outlets.  John Stewart didn't "slam" Jim Cramer"  or "totally pwn" him.  Stewart did what he always does; he offered a well-reasoned and highly articulate critique of Jim Cramer, CNBC, and the leaders of American capitalism.  The goal was not to tear apart Cramer, although he really deserved it.  Steward did not wear gloves and used a vast array of incriminating tapes, as well as a few F-bombs.  But he did not slam Cramer.  

Let's all take a pause and be thankful that at least we have one comedy show doing the work that CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS should be doing themselves.  

So go change those headlines to something better representing the truth.  "Stewart offers well-reasoned and highly-informed critique of media and financial markets." Thank you.

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