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Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman should be made into a movie.  Here is the cast list as per my wife and I:

Mr. Wednesday: Brian Cox or Timothy Dalton 
"Low Key" Lyesmith: Vigo Mortensenor  John Travolta
Jaquel and Ibis: and  Alan Rickman
Laura:  Parker Posey
Mad Sweeney:  Michael Hogan
Media:  Tricia Helfer
Sam/Hitchhiker:  Camilla Belle

More to come....


Lea said...

oh, I hope they don't have The Rock play Shadow, that would be an awful fit. I always pictured him as a pale guy that you wouldn't really notice in a room, not what I think of when I think Duane Johnson

Mr. Sasiadizzle said...

Well, I guess Shadow is supposed to be Scandanavian, which the Rock clearly is not. However to check out his acting chops, check out Southland Tales. Ok don't watch Southland Tales; it is unbearbly bad, but the Rock is excellent in it. In a way very different from Shadow. Except the large hulking body.