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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retrocession is so in right now....

"Drill, baby, drill!"
This man hates freedom, but loves glamour shots

Professional dick-weed, Representative Louie Gohmert has proposed two bills in Congress. The first would exempt District residents from paying federal income tax on income earned in the District as long as the district is without a vote in Congress. Nice and condescending and designed to trip up the DC voting rights movement. This bill should still be passed as long as it is retroactive. I'm sure the check is in the mail, Louie.

The second dick bill Gohmert has proposed would retrocede the District to Maryland. This bill ignores the wishes of the people of the District and the wishes of the people of Maryland to honor hundreds of years of separate history.

In response to Gohmert's bills, I have one of my own. I propose a bill to retrocede Texas to France. Louie already sounds French, anyway. If the Texans find my modest proposal too gaulling, we could also retrocede them to Mexico, Spain or the Confederate States of America.

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