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Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Geographic Schadenfreude...

I've already been smugly gloating over the utter collapse of the economy of Florida.  I need to add to my list another pair of places I really really hate: Charlotte and Las Vegas.  

Charlotte's boom economy was based on the growth of the very banks that were feeding the frenzy in Florida.  They grew too big too fast and on a foundation literally made of sand.  Their tasteless and senseless sprawl mimicked that of their idiot brethren to the South.  

Las Vegas is a huge fucking city in a goddamn desert.  You'd have to be a fucking moron to build a city in a goddamn desert.  Not only is it a huge city in a goddamn desert,  it is a city whose major economic activity is completely unproductive, but uses a disproportionately large amount of water.  I once had a layover in the Las Vegas airport and I was physically ill by the time I left.  The sound and sight of the slots was alternately numbing and jarring.  I was saddened at the sight of slot zombies shuffling about.

Now I'm just waiting for the fall of Phoenix to fill out my list of stupidest goddamn places in America to live that did really well in the last twenty years but will inevitably collapse because of their own ignorant shortsightedness (TM).

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