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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Department of Redundancy Department

I have blogged before lamenting the fact that DCPS requires its report cards to be filled out on carbon paper.  I should have kept my mouth shut, because now my school is a pilot for the new online report card program.  Great! Right?  No, we  now need to fill out our report cards online AND on carbon paper!  Hooray for wasting my time DCPS, I wasn't planning on using it for anything anyway.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


To borrow from my fellow Cornellian, Bill Maher, NEW RULE:

Now that he is really the president, no more chanting, "Obama! Obama! Obama!"  It was fun when he was just a skinny freshman senator with a funny name and no chance of winning, but now, he has the power, and love him, hate him, or somewhere in-between it's your job as an American to cast a skeptical eye at power and those who hold it.  If you really feel the need to chant someone's name, I can provide a lengthy list of rock-stars, professional wrestlers or monster-truck drivers for you to adulate.  

To sum:  "Obama! Obama! Obama!" = Creeping Fascism