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Monday, December 22, 2008


I think one of the big flaws with monarchy is concept of primogeniture, the idea that the first born inherits the throne. I propose that monarchy would have worked a whole lot better if they had adopted the concept of segundogeniture-- the second born gets the throne. There are two reasons I think this:

  1. Parents make all the big mistakes on the first born. They kinda know what they're doing by the time they get to number two. He'll make a much more "balanced" king.
  2. Big brothers/sisters already get to pick on their little brothers and sisters enough. They're usually physically stronger and more mentally mature. If they know that little bro or sis is gonna be sporting the crown, maybe they'll give a little deference. If not, then getting bullied a little bit might be good for little bro/sis. But use moderation, you don't want to mold a little Ghengis Khan.
*Disclaimer, I am a #1 son.

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