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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our data is our nation's most precious natural resource (sic)...

I am suggesting that the new motto of DCPS be "Our data is our nation's most precious natural resource."  I'm pretty sure that on an average day I hear the word "data" more than I hear "students" or "children."  Data. Data. Data.  Data walls, data logs, data sheets.  Really, the whole system should do away with children.  The data (which are what's important after all) can be simulated by computer.  Captain Kirk might be appalled by our primitive ways, but I say it's the enlightened thing to do. 

The children and teachers can stay at home.  Students' test scores can be randomly generated.  Different teachers will be modeled as using different methods in different environments.  Some sweet multiple regression analysis will take place and the computers will tell us which student's learned what, and which teachers get merit pay and which get the boot.

PS:  If I hear another DCPS employed PhD or EdD say "The data is..." or "The data says..." I am going to rend my clothes and live as a hermit.

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