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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brokeback Cabinet

Something is definitely up with the Obama cabinet today.  From today's Washington Express:

Yes, the headline does read, "Obama TAPS Salazar to HEAD Interior."  Sorry, subtlety has never been a trademark of mine.  And in case you were wondering whether Ken Salazar plays the role of Heath Ledger's repressed and introspective Ennis or Jake Gyllenhaal's sexually predatory Jack, Ken Salazar was photographed with Secretary of Agriculture designate Tom Vilsack:
Just couldn't keep his hands off the legendary Vilsack Ballsack...

Congratulations, also, to Tom Vilsack for being the first openly-Furry Cabinet member since Gideon "Cotton-tail" Welles served as Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy.  I hope Salazar understands what he's gotten himself into:

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