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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newsweak, welcome to Wobegon

This is a little old now, but "News-weak" has an article warning President-elect Barack Obama that America is a "center-right nation." This strikes me a little like Garrison Kiellor intoning dulcetly that in Lake Wobegon, "all of the children are above average."

What is considered centrist may change over time, but that fact that most Americans remain at the political center never changes. The "center" constantly shifts with public opinion. Subsets of the population may be center-right or center-left. The average Alabamian may be center-right, but the country can't be.

Asshat editor and author Jon Meacham seems to be suffering from a virulent strain of the Lake Wobegon Effect. I hereby award him one hundred Asshat points.

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