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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Can someone please tell me why my tax dollars should go to bail out Ford, GM, or Chrysler? Instead of redistribution, there's another way we can give money to these company, it's called SALES. Like many millions of other Americans, I have decided in recent years not to give my money to these companies because, honestly they make gas guzzling death machines that fall apart. Unfortunately Congress seems to think it knows better than I do and wants to give the "Big Three" my dough without the joy of driving 9 mpg.

I'm not completely deaf to the cries that the "American" auto industry employs x-number of Americans, but you know who else employs x-number of Americans? Honda, Toyota, VW, and every other auto manufacturer. The idea of bailing out these dinosaurs is a tired broken paradigm.

There's a joke in here about giving money and getting a Hummer, but I'm too disgusted to find it.

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