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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Neil Young

So, a major and obvious omission to my current poll is Neil Young. Neil Young is so fucking awesome. I declare him to be the greatest Canadian of all time. The Canadians, though, disagree and have voted Jack Bauer's grandfather as the greatest Canadian. Whatever...

Why do I love Neil Young so much? I really can't describe. I wish I had the critics knack for describing things in ridiculously silly terms that ultimately sound poetic. "His vocal temerity is ironically the bravest element of his music-- not unlike to Northern winds amongst the quacking Aspen of the Canadian Rockies. It is hauntingly beautiful, ethereal, yet ultimately worldly."

Anyone who can illuminate me, and describe my affection for this harmonica virtuoso, I am forever in your debt, and to you I say: "hey hey, my my, rock-and-roll will never die"

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