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Friday, October 24, 2008

More DCPS....

     The radiators in DC Public Schools are intense.  Like an inferno in the classroom, and my classroom has no thermostat, so the second that heating season in upon us, the sweat begins to pour.  As an environmentalist (and a concerned tax-payer) I am appalled at the energy (and money) being, quite literally, burned by DCPS in this way.  Yesterday, it was so hot that I was, reluctantly, convinced by the pleas of my students to open the windows.  At first, just a crack, and eventually, all of the windows were wide open.  Still, it was HOT.  The kids were  begging me to turn on the AC.  I steadfastly refused.  Still, the heat built.  Another teacher came into my room and remarked how hot it was, and suggested turning on the AC.  With a broken heart, I agreed, and watched as the heater and air conditioner battled in a room with wide open windows.

     We are LEED certified at the lead level.


ms. mindless said...

my classroom is also about 2 blocks from the center of hell. and in the warmer months, the ac is siberia-style freezing. i just can't win.

Mr. Sasiadizzle said...

At least I can turn off the AC when it gets too cold!... I hope that your comment "my classroom is also about 2 blocks from hell" refers only to the temperature and not your classroom management issues!