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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finish Him!

I've blogged twice now on the astounding possibilities for the Democrats in the Senate, and I have to link to a great post from dailykos. Where Kos exhorts the Dems to leave it all out on the campaign trail and destroy the Republican party worse than it has destroyed the economy and America's standing in the world. Not only are the Republicans looking to be locked out of power, but to have tiny minorities in both houses and to lose several of their leading ideological voices, like Tom McClintock and John Shadegg (and I need to add Mitch McConnell).

For me, though, the sweetest victory of election night is going to be when Jim Martin sends Saxby Chambliss packing.

I won't be completely happy  until the Republican Party is a rump of its former self, completely bankrupt with terrible credit.  I want to see tiny little ideological factions fighting each other with the same venom they have used against the rest of the country these last 15 years.  I want RNC meetings to look like a flock of buzzards pecking at one another trying to get at a rancid carcass.

PS: Yes, I do know that there is some sort of a Presidential thing going on too.

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